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She isn't married as of yet, because she is engaged to me. But all of this is in her past and the world can see what she's done before she found GOD and turned her life around, but they will never see anything newer than what's available now.
I just love meganqt I will love to have some of her photos and see loads more on here
Do not worry you. Megan QT, are finished with the porn industry, and will never emerge, where more. She is a married woman today. She is an honest woman, who unfortunately are exposed to many ugly incidents in the past. For those who spreads her photos, and using them to defraud others, will soon have to answer for themselves, we shall find them all. The same applies to the "Fucker," which tricked her into this industry. I would be more than happy to have seen the face of the man, when he gets his judgment. It will not be long, and for those who know who he is, so I can inform, that she got help from others to flee. Wherever she is, what her original name is, get you, never know
Retarded Ex:
I think its her ex that suck.I heard he was a sissy retard.I do know she can care less about his ugly ass even though he think she does,but he will wait forever.Look like he will have to jerk off again thinking about her.She doesn't need him,we have all the money we need.
She is asome it just a shame that someone else has taken advantage of her and used her pictures to fucking SCAM people.I just hope that she is still alive and that she is not the one that is scamming people.she or Sharon Megan or Tessy Robinson or what ever her real name is okay.and that she is not a part of what those worthless fucking Nigerians cock sucker fucking worthless piece of shit that took money from me and probably many more.but I can't blame her I should have fucking known better!!!!!!
nice photo of me gan qt


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Aliases:Megan QT
From: Phoenix, AZ - Arizona, United States
Ethnic: Caucasian
Age: 29 years
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Height:170 cm
Weight:59 kg
Piercings:Tongue; navel
Profession:Adult Model
Shooted for websites:
Feet / Legs
Latex, Rubber, Leather